The 3d Visualized Model of Apple Blossoms

YingYing Yin
2015 Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Management and Information Technology   unpublished
To construct the 3D visualized model of apple flower, study the apple flower organs and construct their mathematical models,and then construct the 3D model of flower stalk, receptacle, calyx, corolla, stamens and pistildividually, at last, with the construction of 3D model of inflorescence, the whole 3D visualized model of apple flower is constructed completely.The virtual simulation model proved that the 3D visualized model is realistic, it can indicated the apple flower on computer truly,
more » ... computer truly, this model can be used in teaching, the electronic commerce and other areas. The structure of the apple flower A single apple flower is constructed by flower stalk, receptacle, pistil, stamens calyx and petals, flower stalk is the transmission channelof nutrients from stem to flower. pistil and stamens calyx and petals are grow on receptacle,the shape of receptacle is just like a concave cup, and there are five pieces of calyxes, they are green and grown on receptacle. The corolla are pink and constructed by 5 petals, the numbers of stamens is 20 to 30, and pistil is 3 to 5. According to the structure of apple flower morphological characteristics, The geometric model of apple flower is constructed separately. The mathematical description and model of flower stalk, receptacle, pistil and stamens According to the research of flower stalk, receptacle, stamens and pistil, we found that these organs are all tubular, theirs cross section are round, and the whole organ has a center axis, so, we can construct theirs model through curve fitting, only two parameters are needed. And, for the aim that describing nature curve shape of these organs, use B spline curve to fit the center axis. Now, the 3D coordinates of any point on cross section can be calculated in the help of the 3D coordinates, the tangent and the radium of cross section. The specific methods is shown in fig.1
doi:10.2991/icemit-15.2015.105 fatcat:5a6hzehjh5cw3owe6okmzfopn4