Development of cookies and bread from cooked and fermented pearl millet flour

N. Ranasalva, R. Visvanathan
2014 African Journal of Food Science  
The probiotic bacteria are found to be developed in the spontaneously fermented pearl millet. Bakery products are used as a vehicle for incorporation of different nutritionally rich ingredients. Fortification of wheat flour with non wheat proteins increases protein quality by improving its amino acid profiles. The anti nutrients phytic acid was reduced from 858.4 mg/100 g in the raw pearl millet to 380.3 mg/100 g in the cooked fermented pearl millet. Tannin did not show any reduction in its
more » ... eduction in its amount after cooking and fermentation of the pearl millet from the raw pearl millet. The cooked fermented pearl millet was utilized for the production of bread and cookies substituting refined wheat flour. The bread substituted with 10, 15 and 20% of the cooked fermented pearl millet flour showed good textural and physical properties and the quality was comparable to the market bread. Cookies were prepared from the 50 and 100% replacement of wheat flour and the cookie with 50% cooked fermented pearl millet flour showed good acceptability.
doi:10.5897/ajfs2013.1113 fatcat:qxzaxje7qzeytftx6guabcac3y