Construction and Application of Music Audio Database Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Jianfei Zheng, Gengxin Sun
2022 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
In recent years, with the development of Big Data and dynamic modeling technology, people have gradually deepened the research on the efficient construction of music audio database. Based on this background, this paper first realizes the construction of multilevel music audio database using Big Data technology and collaborative filtering algorithm. Then, through the Big Data analysis technology based on collaborative filtering algorithm, the QRE (quick reaction estimate) model is constructed
more » ... the data query system is formed. Finally, experiments are designed to verify whether the music audio database based on collaborative filtering algorithm can correctly retrieve the target music audio data. The experimental results show that compared with the traditional single ∗ input stacked database, the music and audio database constructed by the discrete Big Data dynamic modeling technology based on collaborative filtering algorithm has faster search rate and higher accuracy and can accurately locate the data nodes in the database. This research uses Big Data and collaborative filtering algorithm technology to establish a new multilevel music audio database with discrete dynamic modeling characteristics of complex systems, which can greatly improve the data structure of each level of the database, so as to improve the efficiency and accuracy of retrieving various types of music and audio files in the database.
doi:10.1155/2022/1756357 fatcat:kl5lcnsmezewdarnadkdrraeju