Parental information sharing with donor insemination conceived offspring: a follow-up study

K. Daniels, W. Gillett, V. Grace
2009 Human Reproduction  
background: Studies of parental decision making regarding information sharing with offspring conceived as a result of donor insemination are almost all based on a 'one point in time' design. This study reports on parental decision making at two points in time, Time 1 and Time 2, 14 years apart. methods: Forty-four of 57 families (77%) who had agreed to take part in a follow-up study were interviewed. An in-depth semistructured interview format was used. In addition, two questionnaires seeking
more » ... inly quantitative data were administered. results: Fifteen families (35%) had told their offspring of the donor insemination conception at Time 2 (2004). An additional seven families said they had always wanted or intended to tell the children and asked for assistance on how to do this. Where partners were in agreement on information sharing at Time 1 (1990)-either to tell or not to tell-this position was maintained. Where there was disagreement, or uncertainty, two-thirds had not told and one-third had. conclusions: Despite the professional and socio-political culture at the time of treatment, almost half of the families in this study ended up sharing the donor insemination conception with their offspring. The results support the need for appropriate preparation for donor insemination family building.
doi:10.1093/humrep/den495 pmid:19164306 fatcat:rmds7n7uvba25md26oynocmtri