Я Нужна, М. Пічугіна
2018 Ekonomìčnij Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnogo Tehnìčnogo Unìversitetu Ukraïni "Kiïvsʹkij Polìtehnìčnij Institut  
The approaches to assessing the effectiveness of cooperation in the strategic alliances are explored. The essence of the concept of a strategic alliance is considered, the main features of strategic alliances and motives are outlined, according to which the enterprises form them. The main principles of successful cooperation of enterprises within the framework of strategic alliances are defined. The emphasis is on aspects that should be underlined and aspects that should not be underlined when
more » ... be underlined when developing the basics of working together. The prerequisites for assessing the effectiveness of companies' cooperation in a strategic alliance are given. Different approaches to assessing the effectiveness of cooperation within the framework of strategic alliances are considered. Two main groups of approaches to the strategic alliance effectiveness are identified: based on a "direct" comparison of the cooperation results and resources involved in their achievement, that involves a financial evaluation of the benefits and costs of collaboration; based on "indirect" assessment of the achieved effects of partnerships, including in the socio-psychological aspect of the results interpretation. The comparative characteristic of cost approaches to an estimation of a synergetic effect is resulted. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach are determined. The income approach to the evaluation of the synergy effect is analysed, which allows the most accurate and comprehensive assessment of the cooperation effectiveness within the strategic alliance. It is determined that the most objective method is to assess the synergetic effect, which includes both quantitative and qualitative assessments and the main components of cooperation: operational, investment, market, financial and managerial. It is emphasized that the most actual method for a particular enterprise is individual and based on independently established criteria. As a scientific novelty of work, the improvement of methodical aspects of the evaluation of participation in the alliance was determined, which enables the company to form its own vision and a system for evaluating cooperation. Досліджено підходи до оцінки ефективності співпраці у межах стратегічних альянсів. Розглянуто сутність поняття стратегічний альянс, окреслено основні риси стратегічних альянсів та мотиви, за якими підприємства їх утворюють. Визначено основні принципи успішної співпраці підприємств у межах стратегічних альянсів. Підкреслено аспекти, на які варто зменшити акцент, та аспекти, на яких доцільно акцентувати при розробленні основ спільної роботи. Наведено передумови проведення оцінки ефективності співпраці компаній у стратегічному альянсі. Розглянуто різні підходи
doi:10.20535/2307-5651.15.2018.135692 fatcat:r4s3gbn3e5gxxi6uwyatcedn4u