Effects of Showing Forest Simulation Results on SFM Preferences of Forest Users in Central Labrador

Christian Messier, Wiktor Adamowicz, Daniel Kneeshaw, Kati Berninger
2009 Open Forest Science Journal  
This research aims at evaluating the effectiveness of communicating simulation results to enhance learning. This was done by testing whether showing simulation results which demonstrate the long-term effects of different management strategies in a large area changes people's SFM preferences. Forest users in Central Labrador were shown simulation results of three alternative forest management scenarios illustrating possible long term effects on various indicators. SFM preferences were measured
more » ... ces were measured using an attribute-based choice experiment before and after the presentation. Based on earlier research and issues closely related to the attributes used in the choice experiment, we expected significant preference change and more consistent choices after presentation. No significant change was found, however. This may be due to the relative stability of SFM preferences in the region. It is also possible that more participants and a longer time frame would be needed to reveal change. However, detected changes in the parameter estimates for cut block size and alternative-specific constant (ASC), measuring the tendency of selecting the status quo alternative, indicate that some learning occurred during the process.
doi:10.2174/1874398600902010009 fatcat:pidgafn6mveshafnnpuco2zuym