"Open during renovation" : Open Science and libraries

Judit Hajnal Ward, William Bejarano, William Haggis
The popular term "Open Science" refers to a fast-growing movement with the noble intention of promoting unrestricted access to scientific research, data and dissemination during the various phases of the research process, from data collection through the analysis and publication of results. The paper reviews the interpretations and components of Open Science, such as Open Data, Open Source, Open Access, Open Peer Review, etc., and points out their relevance to libraries. It focuses on issues
more » ... ocuses on issues related to addiction professionals and researchers, including new technologies assisting collaboration and communication, alternative metrics to assess scholarly impact, and the opportunity to share research and knowledge via social media. There is a new role evolving for librarians who are willing to experiment with the venues of Open Science and assist researchers and practitioners; however, the new developments in making science more transparent and reproducible will affect everyone in the long run.
doi:10.7282/t3tm7dgn fatcat:5lpikwgctvazhgaypilmqbvtf4