Improving the ultraviolet behavior in baryon chiral perturbation theory

D. Djukanovic, M. R. Schindler, J. Gegelia, S. Scherer
2005 Physical Review D  
We introduce a new formulation of baryon chiral perturbation theory which improves the ultraviolet behavior of propagators and can be interpreted as a smooth cutoff regularization scheme. It is equivalent to the standard approach, preserves all symmetries and therefore satisfies the Ward identities. Our formulation is equally well defined in the vacuum, one- and few-nucleon sectors of the theory. The equations (Bethe-Salpeter, Lippmann-Schwinger, etc.) for the scattering amplitudes of the
more » ... cleon sector are free of divergences in the new approach. Unlike the usual cutoff regularization, our 'cutoffs' are parameters of the Lagrangian and do not have to be removed.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.72.045002 fatcat:vfdzyxrw4nfljogsozccalpxza