Lista de chequeo de las familias Galatheidae y Chirostylidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) del Neotrópico

Margarita Fierro Rengifo, Gabriel Rodolfo Navas Suárez, Adriana Bermúdez Tobón, Néstor Hernando Campos Campos
2008 Biota Colombiana  
Galatheidae and Chirostylidae are two of the most diverse and abundant families of decapod crustaceans, besides penaeid shrimps. These families contain 869 species around the world and live from shallow waters (less common), marine bottoms on continental slopes (more common), to hydrothermal vents and abyssal plains at 5000 m depth. Eleven genera and 161 species from the Neotropic, and eight genera and 43 species from Colombian waters have been recorded. Currently we have few taxonomic and
more » ... taxonomic and systematic studies on these groups in spite of their ecological importance due the species richness and abundance. The main goal of this paper is to compile the most important bibliographic information from galatheids and chyrostilids from the neotropical region, including local and regional data, synonymies and current information. This compilation was made from papers and other regional publications and also with the material revision from several international museums, including the Museo de Historia Natural Marina de Colombia. Results show that the majority of species from Neotropic waters (67 species) are distributed in Florida, Central America, Caribbean insular territories and Colombia; 20 species are Neotropical-wide, 12 are restricted to insular territories and three to Central America. The remaining 46 species show a discontinuous distribution throughout the area.
doi:10.21068/bc.v9i1.207 doaj:22b74e713a514d8185af768e119f0a42 fatcat:a3si72b4a5hvtpjgqk2k7drof4