Effect Terthiophenes Units on the Microstructure and Birefringence of SiO2 Gels Prepared via Sol-Gels Processing

Kancono, H. B. Senin, H. B. Senin, N. H. Idris
Key Word : terthiophene-briged silsesquioxane, tergothiophene, lamellar, and birefringence Materials ceramics products based on SiO 2 gels have been produced via sol-gels processing in present of 1% NH 4 F/H 2 O as catalyst. Alkoxysilane from tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) are chose as a matrices or template sources, than the product's of syntheses precursor: 2,5-bis(trimethoxysilyl)terthiophene (= BTS3T) used as a motif organic compound. That product formed matrices as silicate backbone of
more » ... ne-briged silsesquioxane net-work; [O 1.5 Si-(C 4 H 2 S) n -SiO 1.5 ] n . The structure silsesquioxane terthiophene-briged formed have layer distance of 4.6and 8.6 angstroms. So, that terthiophenes units in their structure give an effect on the characteristic pattern as an ordered micro lamellar structure. Electron microscopy analyses in matrices -Si-O-Sithere spheres formed by diameter about 10 µm which are rich in silicon. The effect of terthiophenes unites on SiO 2 gels formed shown that birefringence phenomenas are strong in presence of higher quantity oligothiophenes units, and will decrease with increase quantity of alkoxysilane, with anisotropic values differences decrease every 1.125 x 10 -3 per mole SiO 2 , whereas the optical transparency of SiO 2 gels formed are increase.
doi:10.1063/1.2739856 fatcat:susp7z7zerbdxoutvc3hmi3ar4