Generation, Distribution and Utilization of an Electrical Energy in Industrial and Domestic Buildings

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
If we look back few years into the past, we come to know that with the rapid development of human societies, day to day modern life and smart industries, etc. becomes so hungry and greedy for electrical energy. Today, Electrical energy is being consumed by every single machine used in almost each and every application. Conventional and nonrenewable sources like coal, oil, gas, etc. have been depleting very fast, and the world should now shift more towards renewable sources like solar, wind,
more » ... l, etc. for harnessing electricity. Electricity consumption is increased in the industrial and domestic sectors due to the increased comfort (air conditioning) requirements, increment in the usage of power-consuming devices and the sudden increment in building occupancy area. This paper shows the current status of demand and supply scenario of electrical energy in the world and India. Generation capacities as per the renewable and nonrenewable sources in India have been discussed in detail. Almost 45% share of the electrical energy consumed in the industrial or commercialized and domestic buildings is consumed for air conditioning purposes. the brief discussion is presented in this paper on the sales and distribution of the air conditioning units and future possibilities in the same field as per the sustainable development scenario.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c5199.029320 fatcat:fc5bqijpkjeutbnhovysxycbam