A Novel Algorithm for Selecting Multimedia Network Connections in Next Generation Networks

Tein-Yaw Chung, Ibrahim Mashal, Fong-Ching Yuan, Yuan-Hao Chiang, Osama Alsaryrah
In the past, Always Best Network Connection (ABNC) has been presented to selecting an access network based on the characteristics of communication session in heterogeneous wireless networks. The novelty of ABNC is to consider both source and destination access networks when a voice session is being setup. However, it is not suitable for multimedia service, which consists of video and data in addition to voice. This paper presents an Always Best Multimedia Network Connection (ABMNC) model to
more » ... ort multimedia services. ABMNC is an integration of a Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) problem and a utility-based Multiple Knapsack Problem (MKP). We present a hybrid Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) scheme to solve the problem. Finally, a heuristic algorithm was proposed to reduce the complexity of access network selection. The simulation results show that the presented approach performs better than current approaches.