Konin Language Studies Student perceptions of multiliteracies-oriented and traditional grammar activities: A mixed-methods case study

Kate Paesani, Kate Paesani
This mixed-methods case study investigates the implementation of multiliter-acies pedagogy (Cope & Kaltantzis, 2009; New London Group, 1996) in the study of language forms and literary texts in a university-level advanced French grammar and stylistics course. Specifically, this study explores student perceptions of mulitiliteracies-based pedagogy and traditional grammar instruction as they relate to linguistic development. Findings show that students perceived multiliteracies-oriented
more » ... positively and further recognized the link between these activities and improvement of grammatical knowledge and reading and writing competencies in French. The implications of these findings lend support to a growing body of empirical research in university-level foreign language contexts that underscores the effectiveness of multi-literacies pedagogy for establishing form-meaning connections, encouraging textual interpretation and transformation, and moving students toward advanced foreign language competencies.