Association between sarcopenia and hypertension, ways of mutual influence on clinical course in the elderly (literature review)

N.P. Masik, K.Ya. Kalandey
2019 Bolʹ, Sustavy, Pozvonočnik  
One of the principal epidemiological tendencies characterizing our generation is population's ageing [1]. As of January 1, 2010, people of 50 years and above number 17,3 million (32 % of total number of men and 42 % of total number of women) in Ukraine. Presently, one in more than four Ukrainians is 50 years and older; the group characterized by a worsened health condition and increased morbidity rate [2]. The share of people of 60 years and older is predicted to double by 2050, amounting to 2
more » ... illions [3]. Age-related changes of the human body result in a gradual decrease of adaptation capacities, and frailty syndrome, i.e. increased physical vulnerability of human body exposed to various factors. Frailty develops due to a reduced physical activeness and mobility, and is characterized by a slowed walking and low stamina [4] . One of the key determinants of this syndrome is a sarcopenia, i.e. gradual age-related degenerative atrophic loss of weight, force and functional abilities of skeletal muscles, which belongs to five principal factors of grave morbidity and mortality of those over 65 [5] . Average annual muscle loss amounts to 1 % in people over 35-40 years, 1,4-2,5 % in those over 60 years, and may reach 50 % at the age of 80 years and older [6] . Sarcopenia prevalence evaluations vary to a significant extent reflecting difference of clinical and diagnostic approaches. Thus, sarcopenia frequency range of 1-29 % was registered in people of preserved working capacity and in 14-33 % of those requiring long-term care [7] . The term of 'sarcopenia' was suggested by I. Rozenberg in 1998, who wrote that no other ageing-related feature is more prominent or damaging than reduced body weight, affecting general mobility, moving capacity, energy consumption, nutrient absorption, self-sustaining ability and
doi:10.22141/2224-1507.9.2.2019.172123 fatcat:7xszf5ogubgzjixdpv6q3e64zq