Resistance Training Decreases Lipid Content of Different Fat Deposits in Ovariectomized Rats

Anderson Diogo de Souza Lino, Richard Diego Leite, Jonato Prestes, Guilherme Borges Pereira, Nuno Sousa Frade, Rodrigo Ferro Magosso, Fernanda de Oliveira Duarte, Marcela Sene-Fiorese, Whitley Jo Stone, Ana Claudia Garcia de Oliveira Duarte, Sergio Eduardo de Andrade Perez, Gilberto Eiji Shiguemoto
2018 Asian Journal of Sports Medicine  
Ovariectomy (OVX) in female rats leads to increased adiposity that may result in the emergence of obesity-related diseases. Adiposity index has been used in analyses and discussions endeavoring to elucidate the deleterious effects of increased adiposity and possible effects of resistance training (RT) as a treatment capable of preventing fat accumulation induced by OVX. Objectives: Investigate the effects of RT on adiposity index and the percentage of visceral fat in intact and ovariectomized
more » ... ts. Methods: Female Wistar rats were distributed in four experimental groups (n = 10 per group): intact sedentary (INT-SED) and trained (INT-RT) groups; ovariectomized sedentary (OVX-SED) and trained (OVX-RT) groups. The rats performed RT for 12 weeks on a vertical ladder with a session performed every 72 hours. Intra-abdominal fat deposits including mesenteric (MES), urogenital (URO) and retroperitoneal (RET) were analyzed. Adiposity index was performed using a gravimetric method and percentage of fat (%) = ( (fat depots)/body mass) X 100). Results: RT in OVX animals decreased relative mass of RET and MES tissues compared to OVX-SED (P < 0.05). The OVX-RT group showed lower fat percentage for RET (∆ = 31%), MES (∆ = 44%) and URO (∆ = 36%) compared to OVX-SED (P = 0.001, P = 0.002 and p < 0.001, respectively). The adiposity index (%) was lower in OVX-RT compared to INT-RT (P < 0.05). Rats exposed to RT and OVX decreased % of fat by approximately 15% compared to INT-RT group (P = 0.013). Conclusions: Resistance training was able to decrease the adiposity index and percentage of visceral fat RET, MES and URO tissue of OVX rats. Resistance training may be a beneficial, non-pharmacological treatment of obesity, specifically after ovarian hormone deprivation.
doi:10.5812/asjsm.62258 fatcat:7lsl4oq5zncg5iusk3epatbbvm