Adaptive Resource Reuse Scheduling for Multihop Relay Wireless Network Based on Multicoloring

Xin Guo, Wenchao Ma, Zihua Guo, Xuemin Shen, Zifeng Hou
2008 IEEE Communications Letters  
In this paper, an adaptive resource reuse scheduling (ARRS) algorithm is presented with the goal of enhancing the system capacity for relay networks, which supports arbitrary topology and relay stations (RSs) mobility. Since one key step in ARRS is modeled as graph multicoloring, a fast ∆+1 2 approximation algorithm named dual sorting greedy (DSG) is provided for the problem. Simulation results show that ARRS achieves high system capacity and hence satisfies the multimedia service QoS requirements of relay networks efficiently.
doi:10.1109/lcomm.2008.071743 fatcat:d6otpck6z5g6hizj23n2ubdnrq