Demonstration of a Completely Described Swirling Jet Experiment Used for Numerical Validation

Brandon M. Wilson
This thesis demonstrates the standard for the design of an experimental model to be used for numerical validation purposes. It is proposed that numerical models may be assessed more accurately and directly by validation with a completely described experimental model, consisting of accurate descriptions of the operating conditions, fluid properties, and experimental uncertainties. This idea is demonstrated using an experimental model of a swirling jet at three Reynolds numbers (Re = 550, 2560,
more » ... d 3650), with vortex breakdown existing in the higher two Reynolds number cases. Measurements of the swirling jet were obtained at two locations upstream of the jet exit with the intent to provide the flow profiles to the numerical model and four downstream locations used to assess the accuracy of the model. Numerical simulations using the laminar model and k-e, k-w, and k-e-v^2-f turbulence models were used for turbulence closure. Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) and Reynolds-stress model results were also obtained to demonstrate unsteady numerical solutions. The results of the experimental and numerical models are compared to understand the influence on validation using a completely described experimental model.
doi:10.26076/2b27-2a80 fatcat:c7klt2narfextnqeak2q5cf64e