Efficiency of nano preparations in soybean growing technology
Ефективність нанопрепаратів у технології вирощування сої

S. M. Kalenska, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, N. V. Novytska, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Nanotechnology is seen as one of the key technologies in the twenty-first century, which promises to improve traditional agricultural practices and offer sustainable development by improving management and conservation tactics by reducing agricultural resources costs. The creation and implementation of new environmentally friendly and technological nano preparation designed to increase the efficiency of plant nutrient use from mineral fertilizers and soil - is one of the ways to increase crop
more » ... to increase crop yields and the quality of agricultural products. The aim of the research was to determine the effect of pre-sowing seed treatment and fertilizing of sowings by nano preparation Avatar (micro fertilizer of carboxylates of natural acids), Iodis-concentrate (immunomodulator – a stimulator of growth processes), and Super Micro Plus (nanochelate fertilizer), and leaf apparatus formation of soybean Khorol variety. Field research was conducted in 2016–2020 in a stationary experiment at the NULES of Ukraine «Agronomic Research Station» in 10-field crop rotation and also in laboratory «Demonstration collection field of crops» of the Plant Science Department. As a result of the conducted researches, was established that the use of nano preparation Avatar, Iodis-concentrate, and Super Micro Plus for seed treatment and fertilizing intensified leaf surface formation and symbiotic apparatus activity of soybean plants. The obtained results confirm that the application of the complex of nano fertilizers Jodis-concentrate, Avatar, and nano-chelate fertilizer Super Micro Plus in the soybean fertilization helped to increase the yield, which indicates their unconditional effectiveness. The highest efficiency of nano fertilizers was shown by inoculation and seed treatment by Avatar with co-fertilizing Avatar +nano-chelate fertilizer Super Micro Plus, providing formation of 52.4 thousand m2/ha of leaf surface area of soybean variety Khorol, 69.7 pcs/plant tubers on the root system, 785 mg/plant of their weight and yield at the level of 2.79 t/ha.
doi:10.31548/agr2020.03.007 fatcat:ace5lpyvijalpavjrgusf2jxh4