Sustainabillty Management and Human Resource Issues Special Donor

Shorebank Services, Brian Kelley Lynn Pikholz
1997 unpublished
Concerns Recommendations • 26% ai\Uunl growth mte: up b) Tk 629 million O\'Ct lnstl\\tll't months to 1K 3,070 million PrimO!) ~rtl\1 Ut tn younger brnoche$, some older branches more st~gnant, thus need to develop sotttc method of n:ne"11l nnd reinvigor.llion • QuaUI)· continues to be: strong. wcllrtto\etCd front non-cooperation movement Need to monuornnd reduce non-mterest beanng loan. s. Loan loss pro\1ston adequate Need more aggressi1-e lo3n wrne-orr pohcy • 33% afbmnches hn1c moved to
more » ... n1c moved to bt-weekl) meetlngs. will tncrease to 66% in 1998. No problems so f3r. but mu;,t monitor i111pacl on weeiJ) savings nnd d~Lln(lu~ncy. t>otenu3l oppormnit) for PAs to ntobib:t.c snmtgs mth freed-up I im~ • As the portfolio grows nnclm:tturcs. it needs :tn incrcnscd fOCltS on economic itnp:Jtt nnd :m increase in strntc~e ltwcmgc ctf loans to maximi7c poYCr!!o' allu i;uiort Cre:lle1111ge eutploymctll ~lELA) 3S 11ell as selJ'-employruen1 •