Synthesis and characterization of new copper(II) complex compounds with chlorhexidine. Part I

Mirela Călinescu, Ticuţa Negreanu-Pîrjol, Rodica Georgescu, Octavian Călinescu
2010 Open Chemistry  
AbstractThree new copper(II) complex compounds with chlorhexidine diacetate as a ligand have been prepared and characterized by elemental and thermogravimetrical analyses, molar conductances, magnetic susceptibility measurements, infrared, electronic and EPR spectra. The complexes correspond to the formulas: [Cu2(CHX)Cl4]·2C2H5OH, [Cu2(CHX)Br4]·2C2H5OH and [Cu2(CHX)(CH3COO)2] (CH3COO)2·2C2H5OH, where CHX = chlorhexidine, their composition and stereochemistry depending on the reaction conditions
more » ... and the metal salt used. Chlorhexidine acts as neutral tetradentate NNNN donor, coordinating through the four imine nitrogen atoms. Investigations on antimicrobial activity in vitro show that all the complexes are active against the tested microorganisms, the complex with chloride being more active against Gram negative bacteria than chlorhexidine diacetate..
doi:10.2478/s11532-010-0028-9 fatcat:ljig66vmt5athc6xjfb7475fpi