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1876 Scientific American  
J titutifit !mttitau . 233 IMPROVED SASH HOLDER. IMPROVED PORTABLE FRNCE. put any colored label upon It that he chooses. so long as he does not. byhis label Indicate that It IS the manufacture of tile 'rucker Manufacturing Company. Now, tbe only semblance between the label used by the defend ant and the plainTiff's label is that the defendant uses at the same \ i , me a perspectIve of the bedMbottom. and the words • � rrucker spr1ng�bed. He does not use the monogram. and uses lJothing but what
more » ... S common J?rop �rty. It is true that he useS the same colored label as the complamant uses There is nO patent trade mark upon the color. Either party bas the lilJert,y to adopt any color, green. blue. or all the colors of the rainbow; so that as the record now stands. I tbink thl;; injunction must be denied. Charles E. Steller, Milwaukee, Wis.-1'his consists of a circul�r grooved disk encircled by an elastic band, and pivoted eccentrI cally to the sash, so as to act as a wedge to hOl . d the latter agai � st the casing, and so sustain the sash at any desIred point. This lD vention was described and illustrated on page166, current volume. Levi Chipman, Vermont, Ill.-This is mainly an improved fence post, which may be quickly set up and taken down, and wbicb le quires neither naUs, keys, wedges, pins, nor bolts for connecting the panels thereto. It is formed of inclined bars, a notcbed sill and crossbar, made in two parts, and an upright bar. With this are combined the projecting ends of the horizontal bars of two adja cent panels, placed at an angle with each other.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04081876-233d fatcat:5p2r2nux5rah7e7ralbp2b5f7q