A set for High-level comprehensive integrated crosstalk and delay estimation models

Nurbiya Yadikar, Shun Li, Hornisa Mamat, MutalLip Mamut, Kurban Ubul
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology (ICMMCT 2017)   unpublished
With the deepening of research, increasingly signal distortion and logic errors are no longer caused by the interconnection of line,in the multilayer interconnected system, the coupling and delay between the signals have a great influence on the performance of the system, Therefore, the VLSI circuit design must be accurate and celerity integrated crosstalk estimation. In this paper, we propose a new approximate crosstalk formula which can be used for high-level synthesis, and a new simple
more » ... imate crosstalk formula is proposed. It is based on the analysis of lumped parameters and giving the results of distribution parameters. The corresponding approximate formulas can be used to estimate the interconnect crosstalk quickly and accurately in the design planning. The results are not exactly the same as before. Compared with the test data, the new estimation model is superior to the previous results in both date accuracy and operation speed. Integrated crosstalk and delay estimation models under RC Due to the shielding effect of adjacent interconnects line to the far line, just consider the crosstalk between adjacent interconnects. Firstly, considering the effect of ignoring inductance,
doi:10.2991/icmmct-17.2017.186 fatcat:cf6f3e2o75dhfhpzca2vl4kwly