Mechanical Properties of Pack Carburized SCM 420 Steel Processed Using Natural Shell Powders and Extended Carburization Time

Ramli, Chung-Chun Wu, Adel Shaaban
2021 Crystals  
The feasibility of using coconut shell powder (CSP) and dog conch shell powder (DCSP) as carburizing media in the pack carburization of SCM 420 steel was investigated. The carbon content and surface hardness of the carburized specimens prepared with different CSP:DCSP ratios and carburizing durations were examined and compared. A CSP:DCSP ratio of 60%:40% and an extended carburizing time of 12 h were found to increase the carbon content of the carburized specimens to 1.14 ± 0.007 wt%.
more » ... e, the surface hardness was significantly improved to 961.3 ± 4.918 HV following water quenching. Finally, the thickness of the carburized layer of the quenched specimens increased by around 2.5 times as the carburizing duration was increased from 3 to 12 h.
doi:10.3390/cryst11091136 fatcat:jna6j7466zdixl2jkvqcadrvfe