Role-Playing in Systemic Psychotherapy Training. How the Experience of Role-Playing in Systemic Therapy Training Opens the Repertoire of the Therapeutic Interventions and Relates Them to the First Therapeutic Experiences

Farizat Syrdybaeva, Corina Ahlers
The systemic idea of learning by doing is a basis for the role-playing. The role-playing is related to the forming of the therapist's repertoire and way of conducting therapeutic session. The contributions of the role-playing influence the development of the student as a therapist. With the role-playing, students can get practice to improve skills, self-awareness, get supervision and feedback. Role-playing shows the student's style of conducting therapy. The dynamic in the group influences personal experience and efficacy of the role-playing.
doi:10.15135/2015.3.1.43-54 fatcat:sfkohhnwmfhyxidbvvj5yoclaa