Bier's method of treatment by hyperaemia

R. Atkinson Stoney
1909 Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland  
Surgeon to the l~oyM City of Dub]in ttospital. [I~cad in the Section of Surgery, ~fay 7, 1909 ] I WlS~ to start to-night by exp1Mning that this is not going: to be a lengthy paper dealing with the extensive subject of hyper~mia ,as a curative ageat in various pathological conditions, and discussing the very vexed question as to how it produces its effeots. I merety intend to give a short description of some of the ways in which this hyl3era~mia may be brought about, and to illustrate the
more » ... lustrate the results that m a y be expected, by a brief aecount of a few of the various cases. that I have treated during the last couple of years at the Royal City of Dublin Hospital. In the summer of 1906~ I spent about three weeks in Bonn, and while there had the pleasure of attending the hospitals where Prof. Bier was:~ working. At them I had the opportunity of seeing eases: whieh were undergoing treatment daily by hypereemia, and also eases whieh had been so treated, and were at that time cured. I should like to mention the kindly manner in which Prof. Bier received me, not only welcoming me to the general:i hospital where he worked, but also inviting me to atten4 a$ the hospital where he treated his private patients. I was so impressed with the results whieh I saw there that, before leaving Bonn, I obtained some of the app]ianees used and brought them baek to Dublin. Since then they have, been extensively used at the Royal City of Dublin Hospital, attd ir is the general hnpressions which I have gained from tMir use there whieh I wish to bring before the membersof the Aeademy to-night. There ate two T,.
doi:10.1007/bf03171919 fatcat:3ee6jyv5pva45dse7ycgyly5hy