Microarray data analysis of gene expression levels in lactating cows treated with bovine somatotropin

Corrado Dimauro, Ana H. Dias Francesconi, Aldo Cappio-Borlino, Mark A. McGuire
2009 Italian Journal of Animal Science  
Administration of bovine somatotropin (bST) to lactating cows results in an increase in milk production from 10 to 1�%. While physiological mechanisms involved in bST administration are well known, there is limited knowledge about the mechanisms that regulate the bST action at genetic level. For this reason, a microarray e�periment was conducted to identify differentially e�pressed genes when bST is given to milking cows. Si�teen high-density microarrays for cattle, each containing 18,2��� gene
more » ... aining 18,2��� gene spots, were used. RNA was e�tracted from the mammary tissue of four lactating Holstein cows, five and two days before, and one and si� days after bST administration. A total of 1,2�1 and 1,1��7 differentially e�pressed genes were detected for mean and median e�pression intensities, respectively. Only the 11� genes which were identified by both mean and median intensities were taken into account. These genes were grouped into 8 clusters according to changes in e�pression through time points.
doi:10.4081/ijas.2009.s2.78 fatcat:4ucwa2xd6fg2zc5gxiycfxyknm