Efek Toksik Minyak Atsiri Limbah Daun Kayu Manis (Cinnamomum burmanii (Nees & T.Nees) Blume.) dalam Mengendalikan Helopeltis antonii Signoret pada Tanaman Kakao secara in Vitro

Roza Puspita, Resti Rahayu, Mairawita Mairawita, Nasril Nasir, Nurmansyah Nurmansyah
2019 Metamorfosa: Journal of Biological Sciences  
The toxic effect of essential oil from waste cinnamon leaf (Cinnamomum burmanii) against pests of cocoa fruit Helopeltis antonii (Hemiptera; Miridae), has been done in Green House, Research Station Spice and Medicinal Plants, Laing Solok, West Sumatra in April to May 2016. The experiment aimed to determine repellant and lethal concentrations of essential oil from waste s cinnamon leaf (C. burmanii) for H. antonii. There were 5 treatments arranged in Complately Randomized Design with 4
more » ... gn with 4 replications. The treatments tested were essentialoil concentration f (0.05 ml/tube, 0.1 ml/tube, 0.2 ml/tube and 0.5 ml/tube) and control. The results showed that the effective repellent concentration were 0,05 ml/tube and 0,1 ml/tube which repelled H. antonii 0,03 % . The effecive lethal concentration was 0,05 ml/tube which killed H. antonii 57,50 %. Concentration used was highly toxic which killed l H. Antonii within six hours so of the repellent nature was notobserved.
doi:10.24843/metamorfosa.2019.v06.i01.p09 fatcat:devehmzeyzf2bph56rmde6734y