Ruptura de la latencia física y germinación de semillas de Chiranthodendron pentadactylon (Malvaceae)

Maribel Apodaca-Martínez, Victor Manuel Cetina Alcalá, Jesús Jasso-Mata, Miguel Ángel López-López, Héctor González-Rosas, Ebandro Uscanga-Mortera, Antonio García-Esteva
2019 Botan‪ical Sciences  
<p><strong>Backgraund</strong>: The low availability, low percentage of germination, pests, and juvenile period higher than 25 years, are the problems to propagate C. pentadactylon by seed.</p><p><strong>Hypothesis</strong>: There is morphophysiological variation of the seeds between trees and the pregerminative treatments increase the percentage and speed of germination in seeds with six months of storage at room temperature.</p><p><strong>Species studied</strong>: Chiranthodendron
more » ... n Larreat.</p><p><strong>Study site and year of study</strong>: Postgrado en Ciencias Forestales, Campus Montecillo, Estado de Mexico, Mex. June, 2016</p><p><strong>Methods</strong>: The moisture content, the viability and the effect of pregerminative treatments on the percentage and speed of germination of the seeds were determined. A randomized block design was used. The random blocks included the treatments: 1 (mechanical scarification + cold stratification at 5 ° C for 5 days), 2 (mechanical scarification + imbibition for 12 h), 3 (mechanical scarification + cut at the base of the seed) and 4 (control). The treatments were randomized within each block.</p><p><strong>Results</strong>: The moisture content was less than 10 % and the viability was 100 %. Significant differences between treatments were found for germination percent. The Tukey test (α = 0.05) showed differences between pregerminative treatments 1, 2 and 3 with respect to T4. Germination speed recorded the highest value in treatment 3.</p><p><strong>Conclusions</strong>: With treatments 1, 2 or 3, more than 77 % germination was obtained. Treatment 3 showed greater germination speed, which is important for seedling production.</p>
doi:10.17129/botsci.2094 fatcat:6b7ha72gefej5g2rs3c6cbdgua