Pea productivity depending on variety and sowing rate
Андрушко М. О. Продуктивність гороху залежно від сорту та норм висіву

V. Lykhochvor, Lviv National Agrarian University, M. Andrushko, Lviv National Agrarian University
2020 Vìsnik agrarnoï nauki Pričornomor'â  
It is proved that in conditions of sufficient moisture in the western forest-steppe, the highest grain yield is formed by Madonna variety peas – 6.38 t / ha, the smaller one by Gotivsky variety – 6.13 t / ha and the smallest one by Ataman variety- 5.94 t / ha. The Madonna variety also has the highest protein content of 24.5%, and the Gotivsky variety – 23.9%. the Ataman variety – 22.4%. It was established that the economically reasonable sowing rate for Madonna variety is 1.0 million / ha, for
more » ... taman one is1.1 million / ha, for Gotivsky one is1.2 million / ha. It was revealed that the greatest profit from 1 ha was obtained when cultivating the Madonna variety – 20883 UAH.
doi:10.31521/2313-092x/2020-2(106)-6 fatcat:zgctxlygdzfkrolwsvg4s6lz7q