Context-aware hybrid reasoning framework for pervasive healthcare

Bingchuan Yuan, John Herbert
2013 Personal and Ubiquitous Computing  
Pervasive computing has emerged as a viable solution capable of providing technology-driven assistive living for elderly. The pervasive healthcare system, CARA(Context Aware Real-time Assistant), is designed to provide personalized healthcare services for elderly in a timely and appropriate manner by adapting the healthcare technology to fit in with normal activities of the elderly and working practices of the caregivers. The work in this paper introduces a personalized, flexible and extensible
more » ... hybrid reasoning framework for CARA system in a smart home environment which provides context-aware sensor data fusion as well as anomaly detection mechanisms that supports Activity of Daily Living(ADL) analysis and alert generation. We study how the incorporation of rule-based and case-based reasoning enables CARA to become more robust and to adapt to a changing environment by continuously retraining with new cases. Noteworthy about the work is the use of Case Based Reasoning(CBR) to detect conditional anomalies for home automation, and the use of hierarchical Fuzzy Rule Based Reasoning(FRBR) to deal with exceptions and to achieve query sensitive case retrieval and case adaptation. Case study for evaluation of this hybrid reasoning framework is carried out under simulated but realistic smart home scenarios. The results indicate the feasibility of the framework for effective at-home monitoring.
doi:10.1007/s00779-013-0696-5 fatcat:fr6c76hpdbeilmzpyscjxziaqy