Wearable System for Real-Time Sensing of Biomarkers in Human Sweat

Junrui Zhang
This thesis is the outcome of learning and getting help from people I had the honor to work with during the past five years of my PhD life in Switzerland. My foremost gratitude is addressed to my supervisor, Professor Ionescu, for supporting me to work in a very interesting multidisciplinary topic. I am most grateful that he kept me on track of the high level directions and always offered me the right opportunities to get hands on new and challenging work. Next, I would like to thank my
more » ... visor, Professor Marco Mazza, for guiding me into the field of IC design, giving me enough freedom to practice, and always being positive and supportive in the research.
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-9696 fatcat:uno5jnyhpbcz7bpt75xo2z6kai