1829 The Lancet  
In Julv, 1828, a healthy woman in Elberfeld was delivered of a robust female infant immediately after its birth, a peculiar noise was heard in its throat, and shortly afterwards it was observed that, whatever it was, after a few seconds, brought up through the nose or mouth, under violent 6ts of cough and suffocation. In other respects the child appeared healthy, took the breast, &c. ; the temperature of ttre skin was natural, and the mouth, palate, and pharynx,well-formed ; but, on introducing
more » ... but, on introducing aa elastic catheter into the-œsophagus, the latter was found impervious in the region of the second dorsal vertebra ; the evacuation d due and meconium was perfectly naturd. On the fourth dav the child died. On examination of the body, fifteen hours after death, the external habitus appeared natural; the subcutaneous tissue of the neck Jas filled with an unusual quantity of fat ; the thoracic viscera were ped'ectly healthy, with the exception of the œsophagus, which, itllie bifurcation of the trachea, terminated in a cul de sac ; the lower portion of the œsophagus terminated also in a blmd sac, which was contiected w itlt the upper by a fibro-cellular impervious ligament of about taoiacbes in length. The stomach BB as appuently ill a state of the utmost contraction, 2,.,a its mucous and muscular coat exhibited a sort of network, the meshes of which were closed by the peritoneal coat ; iti some places the peritoneum itself was perforated ; the rumb2r of these small petfor'dtions was far above a hundred ; besides them, there 1ï3i a large perforation between the cardia asd the large curvature, with smooth edaes, 6e substance of which was neither in-fia1ed nor softened. In the cavity of the stomach and duodenum there was a considerable quantity of transparent yellowish mucus; toe othsr organs were perfectly bealthy.—Siebold's Journal fill' Frauen-&c.
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