Searching for structure in complex data: a modern statistical quest

Po-Ling Loh, Sara Munday, David Edward Bruschi, Sophia Jahns
Current research in statistics has taken interesting new directions, as data collected from scientific studies has become increasingly complex. At first glance, the number of experiments conducted by a scientist must be fairly large in order for a statistician to draw correct conclusions based on noisy measurements of a large number of factors. However, statisticians may often uncover simpler structure in the data, enabling accurate statistical inference based on relatively few experiments. In
more » ... ew experiments. In this snapshot, we will introduce the concept of high-dimensional statistical estimation via optimization, and illustrate this principle using an example from medical imaging. We will also present several open questions which are actively being studied by researchers in statistics.
doi:10.14760/snap-2021-003-en fatcat:w5glj2jdjrewdkvp4ctxnxra5i