Lost Eyesight and Narrative Limits in Óptica sanguínea

2019 1616  
In Daniela Bojórquez's Óptica sanguínea words play the role of images, images play the role of words. Although images are used as a companion to the text, as illustrations, they are as well used as a way of disclosing the insufficiency of words. This interesting feature of literary construction allows the author to extend the physical boundaries of the work, placing it in a space beyond the traditional literary borders; in this way literature is linked to the forms and resources most commonly
more » ... ces most commonly employed in the visual and plastic arts. This paper will analize how Bojórquez uses these resources and how they are put to the service of erasing or blurring genre boundaries. Likewise, it to examine the relationships, not immediately visible, between the experimental heritage of the work of Ulises Carrión and Bojórquez, emphasizing the operation of the sample of formal procedures that work within the work: appropriation, crossing out, deletion, rewriting, parody, inclusion, combination, recontextualization, and decontextualization, among others.
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