Separation of Steryl Glucoside by Using Various Guard Columns with 100-Å Phenogel Column

Apinya Cheewaphan
2021 Proceedings of The ‏3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Applied Science and Engineering   unpublished
Steryl glucoside (SG) are the minor component in plant material and biodiesel. SG are found in many forms, especially linked to a glucoside moiety (SG). The presence of SG may relate to fuel filter plugging problem. SG would be slowly precipitated in the fuel tank. Complete separation may take days or weeks and may accumulate and plug the fuel filter. Accordingly, High-performance size-exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) is the method to analyze SG. Phenogel column was very interesting that all
more » ... lipids were separated into their classes, which facilitated the SG separation. This separation on the swelling-controlled styrene-divinylbenzene (ST-DVB) copolymer (phenogel) column. In this work, SG and lipid standards (triacylglycerols; TG, diacylglycerols; DG), fatty acid methyl esters; FAME), free fatty acids; FFA), and monoacylglycerols; MG were investigated by using HPSEC with phenogel column connected with various guard columns. Use guard column with the identical packing materials as in the analytical and preparative columns. Even the guard column has slightly different packing materials that might cause improved separation in mixture compounds. The results demonstrated that the phenogel column connected with C18 (20 mm) guard column by using toluene/THF (100:20, v/v) was suitable for SG separation and shorter analysis time than the others. Thus, this work would demonstrate the C18 guard column should be improved the SG separation from the others and biodiesel products.
doi:10.33422/3rd.raseconf.2021.07.03 fatcat:fecyba2ajrh47gbbxbzszxible