Influence of Haptic Sensory Input through Different Kinds of Clothing on Gait Performance

Kazushige Oshita, Sumio Yano
2020 Applied Sciences  
This study investigated the effects of haptic sensory input by different types of clothing worn on gait performance. Twelve healthy men performed normal and tandem gait tests with blindfolds under three different clothing conditions: (1) wearing only half tights (HT); (2) wearing a skirt-like draped outfit such as a cotton cloth wrapped around the waist and extended to the lower leg (DC); and (3) wearing a trouser-like outfit such as tracksuit bottoms (TS). Although gait speed was significantly
more » ... d was significantly increased in DC as compared with HT, this was not observed in TS. Missteps during tandem gait were significantly reduced with DC. In addition, DC made walking easier for individuals as compared with TS. These findings suggest that wearing a skirt-like outfit such as kilts in Scotland or the hakama in Japan may provide haptic sensory cues to enhance individuals' perceptions of their body orientation as compared with trouser-like clothing that is in continuous contact with the legs.
doi:10.3390/app10217590 fatcat:4nrkcdvdfjbndajubtejt5jedm