The Observer's Individual Psychological Characteristics in Connection with Evaluation of Trust/Distrust of a Stranger from Video
Индивидуально-психологические характеристики наблюдателя в связи с оценками доверия/недоверия к незнакомому человеку по видеосюжетам

D.A. Diveev
2022 Èksperimentalʹnaâ Psihologiâ  
This article investigates the individual psychological characteristics of an observer evaluating a stranger for trust/distrust in him from video clips. The perceived person participates in various communicative situations: 1) passing; 2) exam; 3) psychological counselling. 128 people took part in the study, students of MIP and GAUGN, 8 people acted as models. The subjects were consistently shown all three communicative situations. The overall evaluation of trust/distrust in them was measured.
more » ... a result of the study, it was shown that a third of the psychological characteristics of the observer, measured by the "personal differential" method, affect the parameter of trust/distrust in a stranger. Those who evaluate themselves more conscientiously, more fairly, friendlier, stronger, more determined, more confident, more sociable, more open, active, calm, relaxed and independent, trust more.
doi:10.17759/exppsy.2022150305 fatcat:jiidptcsijctrcrjmsdwj3t3hu