A new host report of Diaporthe manihotia (Diaporthales, Ascomycota) from Camellia sp. in Yunnan province, China

PD Abeywickrama
2020 Asian Journal of Mycology  
A sexual morph of a Diaporthe species was collected from a dead aerial branch of Camellia sp., in Yunnan Province, China. Multi-locus phylogeny of internal transcribed spacer (ITS), betatubulin (BT), translation elongation factor 1-alpha (EF1-a), calmodulin (cal) and Histone (H3) genes showed that our strain clustered with Diaporthe manihotia (CBS 505.76) with high statistical support. A comprehensive description, photographs of micro-morphological characteristics and a phylogenetic tree to
more » ... genetic tree to show the placement of the taxon are provided. This is the first host report of D. manihotia from Camellia sp.
doi:10.5943/ajom/3/1/17 fatcat:znegnk7lrrhr3fu35bcj72emw4