Comparison Among Different Tune Measurement Schemes at HLS-II Storage Ring

Letian Huang, Xiaoyu Liu, Ping Lu, Mengxiang Qian, Bao-Gen Sun, Ji-Gang Wang, Junhao Wei, Fangfang Wu, Yongliang Yang, Tianyu Zhou, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
Tune measurement is one of the most significant beam diagnostics at HLS-II storage ring. When measuring tune, higher tune spectral component and lower other compo-nents are expected, so that the tune measurement will be more accurate. To this end, a set of BBQ (Base Band Tune) front-end based on 3D (Direct Diode Detection) technique has previously developed to improve the effec-tive signal content and suppress other components. Em-ploying the BBQ front-end, four different tune measure-ment
more » ... e measure-ment schemes are designed and related experiments per-formed on the HLS-II storage ring. Experimental results and analysis will be presented later.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2018-mopb09 fatcat:mkqoo2kkd5a75gss43svol7wmy