The many-body localized phase of the quantum random energy model

C. L. Baldwin, C. R. Laumann, A. Pal, A. Scardicchio
2016 Physical review B  
The random energy model (REM) provides a solvable mean-field description of the equilibrium spin glass transition. Its quantum sibling (the QREM), obtained by adding a transverse field to the REM, has similar properties and shows a spin glass phase for sufficiently small transverse field and temperature. In a recent work, some of us have shown that the QREM further exhibits a many-body localization - delocalization (MBLD) transition when viewed as a closed quantum system, evolving according to
more » ... lving according to the quantum dynamics. This phase encloses the familiar equilibrium spin-glass phase. In this paper we study in detail the MBLD transition within the forward-scattering approximation and replica techniques. The predictions for the transition line are in good agreement with the exact diagonalization numerics. We also observe that the structure of the eigenstates at the MBLD critical point changes continuously with the energy density, raising the possibility of a family of critical theories for the MBLD transition.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.93.024202 fatcat:qvvqhdjrtfc5ncozqjaryush5y