Opportunities in Arctic Research: Final Report

John Hunt, Robert Corell, Peter Schlosser, Co-Chair, John Walsh, Wendy Warnick, Alison York
1998 Opportunities in Arctic Research   unpublished
scientists representing a wide spectrum of arctic research interests identified critical research questions and support requirements. These issues are described in the report, which was reviewed in draft form by the workshop participants and the core organizing group. Although this report was developed over a limited period of time, it outlines current opportunities in arctic research and challenges in arctic research support needs. While it takes into account earlier planning exercises in
more » ... c research, it also includes some ideas that have not been articulated previously. It incorporates the perspectives of broad range of disciplines, including the physical, biological, and the social sciences. We hope that it will be of assistance in your planning processes.-2-Workshop participants and ARCUS appreciated the opportunity to develop these recommendations for NSF. We also appreciated the information presented by Drs. Colwell, Hunt, and Pyle at the workshop that helped to clarify our charge and the context in which this planning process was conducted. NSF staff added much valuable information in the course of the workshop deliberation. The drafting of the report has benefited greatly from the contributions of the workshop participants and members of the core organizing group. Again, thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this important arctic research community effort. Sincerely,