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1897 Scientific American  
En:lneerln:. ROTARY ENGINE.-Nicholas J. Verret and Thomas H. Mooney, Pine Bluff, Ark. The engine devised by these inventors IS designed to be very effective in operation, utilizing the steam to the fullest advan tage, while being of very simple and durable construc· tion. It has an annular cylinder provided with slidable steam-eushloned abutments, an iulet and an exhaust por· tion opposite the sides of the abutments, and a revoluble piston having cam heads extending into the cylinder and
more » ... to move the abutments outward. There are three heads on the piston, and while one valve delivers st.eam to act on one head, the steam is acting under ex pansion on the following head, insuring a continuous rotary movement with fnll pressnre. Mechanical.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04171897-251d fatcat:7r5qbvftyzcmrpssj2xecryzsm