The role of leading twist operators in the Regge and Lorentzian OPE limits

Miguel S. Costa, James Drummond, Vasco Gonçalves, João Penedones
2014 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study two kinematical limits, the Regge limit and the Lorentzian OPE limit, of the four-point function of the stress-tensor multiplet in Super Yang-Mills at weak coupling. We explain how both kinematical limits are controlled by the leading twist operators. We use the known expression of the four-point function up to three loops, to extract the pomeron residue at next-to-leading order. Using this data and the known form of pomeron spin up to next-to-leading order, we predict the behaviour of
more » ... ct the behaviour of the four-point function in the Regge limit at higher loops. Specifically, we determine the leading log behaviour at any loop order and the next-to-leading log at four loops. Finally, we check the consistency of our results with conformal Regge theory. This leads us to predict the behaviour around J=1 of the OPE coefficient of the spin J leading twist operator in the OPE of two chiral primary operators.
doi:10.1007/jhep04(2014)094 fatcat:2hasletw2fcjzhfem3x4xecay4