Porous media viscoelasticity with application to polymeric foams [article]

Bernd Markert, Universität Stuttgart, Universität Stuttgart
The goal of this contribution is to merge the advances in porous media theories and the state of the art in single-phase finite viscoelasticity within a well-founded thermodynamical framework. In particular, a thermodynamically consistent constitutive setting is presented where, based on the internal variable concept, an extended Ogden-type viscoelasticity formulation is embedded into the macroscopic Theory of Porous Media (TPM). By focusing on immiscible binary solid-fluid aggregates,
more » ... nonlinearities of the strongly coupled problem are included in the formulation. Thus, the developed biphasic continuum mechanical model accounts for the relevant physical properties stemming from the porous microstructure, the moving and interacting viscous pore fluid (compressible or incompressible), and the directly coupled intrinsic viscoelasticity of the skeleton material itself. In order to demonstrate its suitability, the presented model is especially adapted to the behavior of open-celled polymer foams, as these materials combine all nonlinearities under absolute finite viscoelastic deformations. Finally, after the numerical treatment of the governing model equations through the mixed finite element method (FEM), large strain 3-d simulations reveal the capabilities of the proposed macroscopic formulation and the efficiency of its numerical implementation.
doi:10.18419/opus-215 fatcat:she46uk4czbrzpnpeaun4vqnhe