Innovative Technologiesfor Date Palm Services

Abdulbasit Oudah Ibrahim
2016 Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research  
Knob(handle)(9): The handle (9) have cylindrical shape with cm 2.5 diameter and 10 cm length, made of plastic, and is fragmented into two parts, the first part contains (engine/motor) and Switch (14) and electrical connection points (11), while the second part is cover (13). Controller(12): Rubber ring with outer diameter 3.2 cm, and an inner diameter of 1.8 cm and thickness of 3 mm contains a square-shaped slot (hole) with dimensions of 1 x 0.6 cm placed in the bottom of the tank, to control
more » ... tank, to control emerging powder quantity by Change the aperture area by hand rotated (Figure 3 ).
doi:10.15406/apar.2016.04.00129 fatcat:4kve6pafebdbfo2y6ivr5ckpe4