Effects of Experience and Workplace Culture in Human-Robot Team Interaction in Robotic Surgery: A Case Study

S. Cunningham, A. Chellali, I. Jaffre, J. Classe, C. G. L. Cao
2012 International Journal of Social Robotics  
Robots are being used in the operating room to aid in surgery, prompting changes to workflow and adaptive behavior by the users. This case study presents a methodology for examining human-robot team interaction in a complex environment, along with the results of its application in a study of the effects of experience and workplace culture, for human-robot team interaction in the operating room. The analysis of verbal and non-verbal events in robotic surgery in two different surgical teams (one
more » ... n the US and one in France) revealed differences in workflow, timeline, roles, and communication patterns as a function of experience and workplace culture. Longer preparation times and more verbal exchanges related to uncertainty in use of the robotic equipment were found for the French team, who also happened to be less experienced. This study offers an effective method for studying human-robot team interaction and has implications for the future design and training of teamwork with robotic systems in other complex work environments.
doi:10.1007/s12369-012-0170-y fatcat:ylq477xp2vg7tdk5big26xywiy