Design of 500MHz Wideband RF Front-end

Liu Zhengqing, Li Zhiqun
2013 Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology(ICMT-13)   unpublished
This paper presents a design of 500MHz wideband RF front-end for P-band radar based on 0.18 m RF process. The front-end works at the center frequency of 500MHz with 200MHz bandwidth, which transforms single-end signal to differential signal, amplifies it and mixes it with local oscillator signal, outputting an IF signal of 105MHz. It adopts noise-canceling to lower the noise figure. It adopts a common-gate input mode to achieve good input match. The post-simulation results indicate that under
more » ... indicate that under a 3.3 V power supply, the S11 is less than -20dB in the work frequency band, the conversion voltage gain is 13.5dB. A NF of 8.6 dB and input 1dB compression point of -8.5dBm are achieved with a total current consumption of 11mA.
doi:10.2991/icmt-13.2013.60 fatcat:smofvd3vkjbxjngx7obub7d7mi