O nauczaniu kultury języka polskiego za granicą. Świadomość normatywna ukraińskiego studenta polonisty (na przykładzie lwowskiej polonistyki)

Ałła Krawczuk
2020 Postscriptum Polonistyczne  
The problems concerning teaching a culture of Polish language are analysed in the article, along with description of the ambiguity of the term 'culture of language' itself. Taking Polish Philology Faculty in Lviv as an example, the author of the article discusses the stages of cultural and linguistic education of Ukrainian students and presents the specific character of a didactic discipline called culture of a language at the Ukrainian university (the content, tasks, methods of working during
more » ... he classes). She presents the results of research on normative awareness of the Polish Philology students in Lviv at different stages of learning Polish language.
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