A Remarkable Journey

Pete Seeger
2006 Monthly review  
A PETE SEEG~ Duris I Llc\dock ( \\~th De nn is Burke), Cra1111)' D: Walk ing· A cross A mt?rirn in ,\ly 901/i }iw· (New York: Vi ll a rd Books, 2001) , 285 p ages, $21.95 , hanlcmTr. Do ris Haddock is a re tired sh oe {~1 cto ry worke r an d a member of th e Episcopal Church in Dublin, New Hampshire, whe re he r grandmother came in th e nin etecnLh cent ury L O work in a te xtil e mill. Do ris marri ed young. raised a frimi ly. a nd has Lwel\'e grea t-gra ndc hildre n . 111 the micl-1990s. h er
more » ... he micl-1990s. h er husba nd of six t; · -two years di ed ; a few yea rs la te r he r
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