Разработка антикризисной программы развития объектов социально-культурной сферы (на примере ВДЦ «Орленок»)

Светлана Мелконян, экономики и торговли менеджмента, Ирина Зайченко
This work is a study of the theoretical aspects of crisis management, the cause of the crisis in the company and the ways out of them, a description of financial-economic activity of VDTS "Eaglet" and the development of crisis management program to obtain the desired effect. In the theoretical part of a review of the factors influencing the emergence of the crisis at the plant, methods of resolving it by carrying out anti-crisis policy and determined the level of state support in the field of
more » ... t in the field of crisis management. In the analytical part of the work carried out financial and strategic analysis of enterprise status, the estimation of competitiveness and identified strengths and weaknesses.The practical part of the work is the development of crisis management, aimed at the implementation of development programs of children with disabilities. The program seeks to achieve the maximum social and economic benefit and carries out all the tasks.
doi:10.18720/spbpu/2/v16-406 fatcat:kgo2lqkav5hkxmjg7b3bm5pssu